In today’s world, if you have a business, you need a website. It’s as simple as that.

Consider the following statistics:

  • On average, 63% of people rely directly on a company’s website to find information on local businesses (the LSA’s April 2017 report on The Digital Consumer);
  • 30% of people will discount a business if it doesn’t have a website (research by YP and LSA);
  • 75% of people will make an instant and potentially long-lasting judgement about a company solely from its website (Stanford University);
  • 30% of Millenials will stop reading content that they do not find engaging or useful (NewsCred).

What can a great website do for you?

In the bygone days of yesteryear, businesses were able to rely on personal recommendations, traditional advertising and listing themselves in the local telephone book in order to generate new leads. But in today’s increasingly competitive and interconnected world, a business that does not have a strong online presence is losing out to its more digitally savvy competitors. And the foundation of a business’s online presence is a well-designed website with bespoke content that not only lets customers find you, but also coverts leads into sales!

A website is one of the most important and cost-effective investments for any business because it plays a number roles. Not only does it provide customers with valuable information about your products and services, but it is the primary portal through which new customers learn about your business. A website offers credibility by showing customers that you are an established and reputable business, as well as providing opportunities for content marketing and calls to action in the form of blogs and articles.

My website experience

My primary focus is when it comes to websites is creating helpful and informative content. As a freelance writer, I have ghostwritten a number of website landing pages, mostly on medical topics, as well as provided short-form content for category pages. If you would like to receive examples of my published work, let me know!

However, I do also occasionally dabble in website design, primarily via WordPress. In my volunteer role as Communication Director for the Wildwood Community Association in Calgary, I kept the Association’s website and Facebook pages up-to-date with news, events and informative content. In addition, I did a complete revamp of the website, updating the layout, and reworking the content to make the website more user friendly and helpful. Check out my Portfolio for details!

Are you ready to start your journey to optimised content? Get in touch – I am ready to make it happen!


Katalin Hall – Sustainability Writer

Calgary, Canada

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