Forget traditional advertising and email newsletters! Blogs and sponsored content are the modern way for businesses to garner interest among new and existing customers.

In the age of social media, many potential customers no longer search for products and services directly. Instead, their interest is piqued through personal recommendations made by friends, family and influencers, or by being presented with a blog or sponsored content on their social media feed. Therefore, having targeted, optimised and high-quality content that not only stands out from the crowd, but also spotlights your brand is necessary to build a reputation and a following!

What can a blog do for you?

Blogs and sponsored content are key to 21st century marketing, and are extremely versatile in nature:

  • Brand awareness – without engaging content like a blog to drive clicks, your website can languish in obscurity. High-quality blogs build brand awareness by ranking your website higher on search engine results pages and social media feeds.
  • Marketing – blogs are used to engage new and existing customers by actively showcasing products and services, or exciting business developments.
  • Education – blogs structured as how-to guides and similar informational content enables customers get the most out of your products and services, leading to higher customer satisfaction and reduces cost-to-serve by deflecting to digital self-serve channels.
  • Engagement – using blogs to proactively connect customers with fun activities such as competitions and quizzes, or asking customers to comment on or share blog content creates a personal experience for them, which can drive referrals and recommendations, and keeps them engaged with the brand.

Blogs and sponsored content can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and requirements. They can be short or long, informative or promotional, published weekly or monthly. And when it comes to topics, the sky is the limit!

What a freelance blog writer can do for you

While most business owners see the value of having a strong online presence, many of them do not have the time, the interest, or the wordsmithing capability to run a successful and engaging blog campaign. This is where a professional blog writer comes in – professional blog writers live and breath the written word, and combined with their digital expertise, they know how to create content that showcases your brand’s unique voice, ranks well on search engine results pages, and is what your audience wants to read!

Before starting work, a good professional blog writer will discuss your vision and requirements for your blog, including:

  • what topics you are interested in posting about
  • how often you want posts published
  • any specific SEO key words you want included in posts
  • whether the posts should include pictures, infographics or other media

In addition – especially for long-term projects – you can agree on a full service approach, whereby your professional blog writer not only writes the blog posts, but also publishes them directly on your website, and promotes them on your social media channels.

Therefore, if you are serious about promoting your website and brand, then you should invest the services of a professional blog writer!

My blogging experience

As a freelance writer, I have ghostwritten numerous SEO-optimised blogs and sponsored content for a diverse number of clients. Niches that I have written about include healthcare and medical, food, gardening, legal, automotive and higher education. If you would like to receive examples of my published work, let me know!

Of course, no self-respecting freelance writer should be without their own blog. That is why I actually publish two! The first is dedicated to freelance writing topics and can be found in the Blog section of this website. The second is on the YYC Walkies website, and focuses on topics of interest to dog owners and enthusiasts in the Calgary, AB area. Be sure to check out both!

Are you ready to start your journey to optimised content? Get in touch – I am ready to make it happen!


Katalin Hall – Sustainability Writer

Calgary, Canada

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