Blogs too run-of-the-mill for you? High-end, well-researched articles can give you the content edge you are looking for!

Not that long ago, short-form content ruled supreme. Readers wanted information that was quick and easy to read, and not much longer than 500 words. But recently, a shift has been underway back to long-form articles as customers look for deeper, more meaningful engagement with the content that they choose to read.

What can an article do for you?

While the line between articles and blogs has blurred in recent years as many websites opt for longer-form blog posts and printed publications make their content available online, there is still a marked difference between the two:

  • Purpose – the main aim of an article is to take an in-depth look at a particular subject, to analyse a complex matter, and to critically assess information
  • Length – articles tend tend to start at about 1,500 words and go up from there, depending on the complexity of the topic
  • Style – articles generally take a more objective or academic approach to a subject; as such, the tone is often more formal and analytical
  • Research – articles frequently require more in-depth background work before the actual writing begins, which can include interviews, data gathering and analysis, and going beyond the standard Google search

Due to their longer form and more formal style, articles are not necessarily appropriate for everyone. However, for businesses that want to provide deeper engagement with customers, then more in-depth and analytical articles are the smarter choice over the bog-standard blog!

What a freelance article writer can do for you

While articles are normally associated with printed publications, such as magazines, newspapers and journals, a freelance article writer can craft long-form content for any brand or business to feature on their website or social media. Professional article writers live and breath the written word, and combined with their digital expertise, they know how to create well-researched content that is supported by published data and expert opinions, but is still engaging for your audience!

Before starting work, a good professional article writer will discuss your vision and requirements for your article, including:

  • what topics you are interested in writing about
  • whether there are any specific person(s) you want interviewed
  • whether the article should include pictures, infographics or other media

In addition – especially for long-term projects – you can agree on a full service approach, whereby your professional article writer not only writes the article, but also publishes it directly on your website, and promotes it on your social media channels.

Therefore, if you want to take your brand to the next level and show your customer base that you are knowledgeable in your field, then you should invest the services of a professional article writer!

My article writing experience

Having studied Law at university, I am no stranger to in-depth research and analytical writing. In fact, my high school extended essay was deemed good enough to be published in the Concord Review!

As a freelance writer, my primary focus is creating well-researched and engaging long-form articles. My primary niches are health & wellness, environment & sustainability, pets, and parenting, but I can write about any topic that you wish! Check out my Portfolio for examples of my recently published articles!

Are you ready to start your journey to optimised content? Get in touch – I am ready to make it happen!


Katalin Hall – Sustainability Writer

Calgary, Canada

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