Are you in need of great content? Find out how I can help!

What I offer

As a freelance writer, I create content. For you!

My process is to work with you to create attention-grabbing content that meets your needs and your budget! Click on each of my services below to find out more about what they can offer you!

Working with me

Coming from a legal background, I utilise a transparent and collaborative approach in my business relationships.

If you decide that you would like us to work together, you will receive a pragmatic and easy to use Service Agreement, which will contain information about:

  • Details on the service(s) agreed upon
  • Acceptance criteria, or project milestones, as applicable
  • Agreed price(s) for service(s), as well as invoicing and payment details
  • Other handy legal terms, such as ownership of work and dispute resolution

If you need any further convincing, then check out my blog post on the benefits of having a contract with your freelance writer and content creator.


Katalin Hall – Freelance Writer

Calgary, Canada

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