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I started working as a Creator for NewsBreak in November 2020. I publish a regular series of articles on environmental and sustainability news, as well as how-to guides on how to live more eco-consciously. My articles are available here.

News Break’s mission is to help people across the country live safer, more vibrant, more truly connected lives. With over 45 million monthly active users across iOS, Android, and web, NewsBreak is the #1 local-news aggregator in the USA.

SearchSciences LLP

Freelance agency

Between 2018 and 2020, I worked for SearchSciences LLP as a freelance ghostwriter creating a range of SEO-optimized content in such diverse niches as: health & wellness, legal & business, food & drink and lifestyle. Samples and links to published content available upon request.

Search Sciences LLP specialises in sensible, real-world search engine management with a particular focus on content creation and publishing.


Monthly Wildwood Community Newsletter

During my time as Communications Director for the Wildwood Community Association, I wrote articles for the Warbler – the Association’s monthly newsletter – which were featured as cover stories:

New Play Structure at White Oak Playground (November 2020 issue)

Now Is the Perfect Time for a Victory Garden (June 2020 issue)

Coronavirus and the WCA: Protecting Our Community (April 2020 issue)


In the Blog section of this website, you will find some personal tips and insights about the world of freelance writing that I have gained through my journey to date, such 3 Reasons Why You Need a Contract as a Freelance Writer and What can a freelance content creator do for you?

Since moving to Calgary in 2019, we have been exploring all the great dog parks and walks in and around the city. While the City of Calgary has an official list of dog parks and off-leash areas, the information provided is quite basic, so I have decided to start a website that provides practical information about the parks, pictures and personal reviews.

The website also features a blog that focuses on tips and insights for dog owners in Calgary.


As part of my role of Communications Director for the Wildwood Community Association, I redesigned the Association’s WordPress website to make it more visually appealing and also added more detailed and helpful content on the various landing pages.

Some positive feedback from the Board about the redesign:

“I just love what you’ve done to our website – it is looking fantastic. Thank you for the work you have put into it!” – VP


Katalin Hall – Sustainability Writer

Calgary, Canada

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