What can a freelance content creator do for you?

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Who is a freelancer?

In the simplest terms, freelancers are self-employed professionals who offer services to clients on a contract basis. What this means in practice is that a freelancer has the ability to work for more than client at the same time, pick and choose the projects that they take on, as well as set the rates and hours that work best for them. This flexibility allows freelancers to be not only more versatile in their work than employees, for example, but it also allows them to gain experience in a potentially wider range of work as well.

In addition, because a freelancer is a person who is external to your organisation, you only pay them for the services that they perform. This can mean that work performed by a freelancer is overall better value for money than if it were performed by an employee (as your business does not have to bear the cost of training and paying regular salary and benefits). Better still, proactive freelancers can come directly to you with their service offerings, which can save you time in the selection process.

Is a freelancer the same as an agency worker?

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Usually, no. Freelancers are self-employed and work for themselves, rather than through an agency. The main reason for this is that freelancers want the flexibility and decision-making power that comes with running their own business. While some agencies work on a model of recruiting freelancers to hire out to clients, these kind of freelancers ultimately answer to the agency (rather than to the client), so are not truly independent.

Another key reason that makes hiring a true freelancer is more worthwhile in the long term (even if it may be more expensive than choosing an agency) is their focus on customer experience. By cutting out the agency middleman, you are able to discuss your requirements directly with the person who is delivering the service, which means higher quality work that better meets your requirements, in a shorter period of time. And, since a large portion of a freelancer’s work is generated through word-of-mouth referrals, they take extra care to build long-term and positive relationships with their clients.

What does a freelance content creator do?

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Different businesses have different content needs, the most common being blogs, marketing material (such as sponsored content and newsletters) and website landing pages. In addition, there are many other forms of content, such as case studies, reviews, product/service descriptions, tutorials and how-to guides. The list is almost endless!

A freelance content creator (also known as a freelance writer) is a freelancer who specialises in providing bespoke written material to their clients, in line with the client’s brief. Each freelance writer or content creator usually has a specific field (or niche) that they focus on, be it blog writing or copywriting for websites, so be sure to check out their Services page to ensure that they offer the right services for you!

How can a freelance content creator help your business?

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With the proliferation of the mobile devices, internet accessibility and social media, the way we engage with content and how we make decisions has changed. Before the advent of the digital age, people relied on information contained in physical media, such as books, newspapers and catalogues, as well as advice gleaned from close friends and family. In modern time, however, people increasingly rely on online content to make decisions, and the better the content, the more likely people are going to engage with it.

However, keeping on top of content creation for your business can be a challenge. Most executives are too busy running their businesses to invest significant time in blog writing or updating their website, while their employees’ focus is on the job that they were hired to do. Hiring a freelance content creator solves this problem! Instead of settling for mediocre content, you are engaging a professional whose sole focus is producing well-written and engaging content that fits your requirements and your budget!

Choosing the right partner

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Due to the high demand for bespoke content creation, there are a lot of freelance writers offering their services to clients, and not all of them are created equal. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, it is important to assess your content needs and choose a freelancer who not only offers the services that you seek, but is also someone who you can see yourself working with. Are their rates affordable for you? Are they responsive to your feedback? Can you reach them when a project deadline is approaching? Do they ‘get’ you and your business?

Coming from a legal and contract negotiation background, I pride myself on following clients’ briefs closely, and ensuring that any work that I put my name to is the absolute best that it can be. I am not afraid of taking constructive criticism and suggestions on board – if you think I can do something better, let me know!

Understanding that everyone has a unique voice, I am able to write confidently in a variety of styles, ranging from the more formal and professional to the more friendly and relaxed. And, being a bit of a nerd at heart, I love going after new knowledge and unearthing interesting tid-bits of information. So, you can be confident that any work I produce will be well-researched and accurate.

Are you ready to start your journey to optimised content? Get in touch – I am ready to make it happen!


Katalin Hall – Freelance Writer

Calgary, Canada

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